Michigan Right to Farm Act

P.A. 93     1981                                             ​

Pleasant Acres Farm was establish in 2010 with an 'agrarian' type philosophy based on the belief that our bodies are intimately connected with the environment and all other living creatures we share it with.  No body can survive without this vital connection with the earth and it's creatures. This very simple truth crosses all religious, ethnic, and socio-economic boundaries. 

 While science and technology has provided a means by which the mega farm can amply supply agricultural products to our local market, the quality of food has gradually degraded due to genetic modifications and chemicals introduced during the growing process of both plants and animals. All for faster food and greater profits.

In efforts to maintain a holistic & healthy perspective of our food supply, we make every effort to consume only locally produced fresh food products and have started growing some of our own (as much as possible).  This is an old fashioned small family farm.  We do not allow any chemicals (fertilizers, pesticides) anywhere on the property, so in this we hold to an organic method of providing healthy pasture to our grazing animals, & bees are allowed to feast on clover growing freely in our front yard. Our cooking herbs are organic homegrown.  Animals here are not ingested with growth hormones or chemicals of any kind.